A Christian Quartet with a Difference..........

GRACE  (gras) n., an unmerited gift from God
Brothers In Grace, based in south-central Pennsylvania, perform concerts for churches, community groups, camp meetings and special occasions. We offer a wide range of musical styles, from traditional to Southern Gospel.

Brothers In Grace has performed with some of Gospel’s best known artists, as well as prominent speakers, such as Frank E. Peretti and others. We can tailor a performance to meet your specific needs. For more information or to schedule a concert, contact Ted Wissler at (717) 291-1535, or (800) 717-8924, or write to: Brothers in Grace, 1057 Louise Ave., Lancaster, PA 17601. You may also email us at: BigQuartet@aol.com.

These guys are true professionals, who will NOT disappoint. Five Stars!!
Shane Houle, Bibles For The World, Colorado Springs, CO

The members of Brothers in Grace have been a part of the musical ministry of our church for many years, singing in the choir, on worship teams, and participating in our major musical productions. We also have them sing as a group on a regular basis in our worship services. These guys love to sing - - and they do a great job doing it! More importantly, they have a passion to worship God and to proclaim the name of Jesus. And to top it off, they’re fun to be around! If you choose to use them in your church or ministry, you’ll be glad you did!!.

Rev. Bob Sproul
Senior Pastor
Grace Point Evangelical Free Church
Palmyra, PA

I have had the privilege of producing Brothers In Grace’s second, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth major projects. I can tell you, it was a joy working with them. I appreciated their attitude, spirit and dedication to their ministry. I believe Brothers In Grace will be a blessing to any and all that hear their story in song.  I truly feel that God has His hand in their ministry. They all have a heart of love.

Yours In Christ,
Danny Funderburk
(Formerly with Perfect Heart and the Cathedral Quartet)

Brothers in Grace have "graced" the platform of Glenvale Church of God regularly for many years. They minister in God's Word as well as in song.  If you enjoy Southern Gospel music, you will love Brothers In Grace.
Rev. Larry Hale
Sr. Pastor, Glenvale Church of God
Marysville, PA

THANK YOU so much for your Heartfelt concert. Bud and I do these luncheons for 2 reasons: one for the enjoyment of our own seniors, but the other is as a community type outreach as a non-threatening way for people to come into the church. Further and hopefully, they feel comfortable enough to keep coming back and hear what we are about, and to eventually meet the Lord along the way. Each one of you guys definitely gave the true message in a beautiful, warm and sincere way, all the time reflecting on the Lord. Many of our attendees were touched hearing some of the hymns they knew from the past (including myself) and others commented on your great sound and friendliness; but the best comment came from a girl who was there with her mother from the nearby church around the corner, who said she had never heard the Gospel presented in that way and was so touched.

So, thank you again for all your preparations and driving time and rearranging your schedules just to be with us again. I know we will see you again, if not at one of our luncheons in the future, then it will be in that "GREAT LUNCHEON" with the Lord...  I, too, believe it's coming sooner than later!!!

Lorna and Bud Kauffman
Church of The Saviour
Wayne, PA

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